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Welcome to my little "treasure chest" of international book covers!

As Jacqueline Carey is one of my very, very favourite authors, I was pleased to see her work translated into several languages. Moreover, I was fascinated by the beautiful covers of the foreign editions and started a small collection. That was actually a lot of fun: browsing websites without understanding a word, trying to find out which languages had translations and which of the books were already published. Sometimes I wasn't quite successful.

So, if you have either:

  • information about another book in your language e.g. title, picture...
  • information about the different editions I found pictures of e.g. paperback, hardcover...
  • a better picture of one of the books or a better translation of a title
  • just some other kind of comment

Please don't hesitate and write to jc_bookcoversatfantasymail.de



USA - original book covers
USA - audio book covers
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

Kushiel's Dart   Kushiel's Chosen   Kushiel's Avatar
The first trilogy of "Kushiels Legacy" tells the story of the courtesan, masochist and hero of the realm Phèdre nó Delaunay.
Kushiel's Scion   Kushiel's Justice   Kushiel's Mercy
The second trilogy of "Kushiels Legacy" which is told by Phèdres foster-son Imriel de la Courcel.
  Kushiel's Scion without Imriel   Kushiel's Justice pre-release cover  
In paperback edition, the silhouette of Imriel vanished from the book cover of "Kushiels Scion". The right cover of Kushiel's Justice was a pre-release version which could be found on Amazon.
Naamah's Kiss   Naamah's Curse   Naamah's Blessing
This is the latest trilogy-to-come by Jacqueline. It takes place some generations after "Kushiel's Legacy" and is written from the perspective of Moirin of the Maghuin Donn.
Banewreaker   Godslayer   The Sundering I+II
The "Sundering" duology. An adaption of classical fantasy like "Lord of the Rings", only this time, the story circles around the villains, not the heros. The right editions seems to combine both episodes in one book, as it was originally intended.
  Santa Olivia   Saints Astray  
Thought as a stand-alone, "Santa Olivia" is a near-future novel. It spins around an isolated town in a war zone between the U.S. and Mexico and their unlikely local heroine Loup Garron. As loads of fans loved this book, it found a sequel in "Saints Astray" which comes out in autumn - and of which I just found the cover art on Amazon. Woohoo!
    Dark Currents    
New series! I am not quite convinced by the genre yet, but apparently the first reviews are quite good.
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Audio book covers

  Kushiel's Chosen audio book 1   Kushiel's Avatar audio book  
  Kushiel's Dart audio book   Kushiel's Chosen audio book 2  
I found two different styles for the Phèdre trilogy – however, in both of them, one sequel was missing. (The online shops showed the book cover instead.)
Kushiel's Scion audio book   Kushiel's Justice audio book   Kushiel's Mercy audio book
Naamah's Kiss audio book   Naamah's Curse audio book   Naamah's Blessing audio book
Seems they've chosen a new style for Naamah's Curse! Again, I found a slightly different version, which looks more like the first two Kushiel audio books. As for Naamah's Blessing... a beautiful new cover, but I found only this format. I have to admit that I'm still very confused why some of the audio books have a new cover and some have not - or why the new ones differ in style. Any help?
  Santa Olivia audio book   Saints Astray audio book  
Comic style Santa Olivia - and a new Saints Astray cover! Here you can find a square version with different font arrangement.
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Kushiel's Scion UK   Kushiel's Justice UK   Kushiel's Mercy UK
Most UK covers were similar to the US version. I'm not sure if these beautiful covers of the Imriel trilogy were only for paperback?
Naamah's Kiss UK   Naamah's Curse 1 UK   Naamah's Blessing UK
Again, very beautiful. I always admired British book covers and the Naamah series doesn't make a difference. You might have noticed the new one - seems Moirin's going to finish some bear business. :-) Makes me squirrely that we still have to wait for it!
    Naamah's Curse 2 UK    
According to readers who posted on Jacqueline's Facebook page, this is a pre-release version of the "Naamah's Curse" cover. Personally, I like it better than the one printed, as I think it fits better with the first cover. Anyway - in the end, they're both brilliant.
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Die Geheimnisse des Nachtpalais   In den Händen der Feinde   Im Namen der Königin
"The Chosen One I – The Secrets of the Night Court"   "The Chosen One II - In the Hands of the Enemies"   "The Chosen One III - In the Name of the Queen"
No, this is not the first Kushiel trilogy... this is only "Kushiel's Dart", splitted into three parts. Even worse, the third part has never been released! Anyway, this lovely pink thingy was the beginning of my love with Jacqueline's work, so there was something good in that version after all.
Das Zeichen 1   Der Verrat 1   Die Erlösung 1
"Kushiel – The Sign"   "Kushiel – The Treachery"   "Kushiel – The Salvation"
This was the first "proper" German release of the Phèdre trilogy as soft-cover books.
Das Zeichen 2   Der Verrat 2   Die Erlösung 2
Now, the paperback edition finally used the original covers. Although they mixed up the order, I think they look fantastic! Still, if one (far too far away) day the Imriel trilogy might be released, I wonder what they would use for "Kushiel's Scion"?
  Herr der Dunkelheit 1   Fluch der Götter 1  
  "Elegy to the Night – The Lord of Darkness"   "Elegy to the Night – The Curse of the Gods"  
Seems no other country has been interested in the "Sundering" duology so far, but well, this is the German soft-cover edition. However, it seems I was partly wrong when I criticized the naming. "Elegy to Darkness" used to be the US working title. But then, the full German titles are still a bit lengthy.
  Herr der Dunkelheit 2   Fluch der Götter 2  
...and the paperback edition. Don't ask me who this lady is supposed to be. See, however: they simplified the names!
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La Marque 1   L'Élue 1   L'Avatar 1
"Kushiel – Part I: The Sign"   "Kushiel – Part II: The Chosen"   "Kushiel – Part III: The Avatar"
What an amazingly beautiful artwork! Some time ago, I asked if French readers might feel special about those books. Thanks to Christine from France, I now know that most readers find the equation "Terre d'Ange = France" more annoying than flattering. However, the books seem to sell well in France. After all, at least the cover artwork supports the cliché of French taste in style and beauty. ;)
La Marque 2   L'Élue 2   L'Avatar 2
For paperback (if I understand "broché" correctly), they used an even more sensual artwork. Lovely again!
    La Marque 3    
Many thanks to my friend Anna who found this alternative cover of "La Marque"! It seems rather sketchy, so it is probably a pre-release version. However, it's fitting in a way - Phèdres marque is indeed unfinished when she enters the winter of Skaldia.
L'Héritage de Kushiel   La Justice de Kushiel   La Grâce de Kushiel
"Imriel – Part I: The Heritage of Kushiel"   "Imriel – Part II: The Justice of Kushiel"   "Imriel – Part III: The Grace of Kushiel"
Last cover out! The French Imriel trilogy was released with only slightly modified UK covers. I always loved them, especially as they show Imriel at least on the second volume. The title on the left picture translates as "The Heir of Kushiel", but it differs from the printed version. Thanks again to Christine for the clarification!
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Il dardo e la rosa 1   La prescelta e l'erde 1   La maschera e le tenebre 1
"The Dart and the Rose"   "The Chosen and the Heir"   "The Mask and the Night"
In Italy, they invented fancy new names for Phèdre's adventures. Although the mask in the new title for "Kushiel's Avatar" doesn't make much sense. Apart from the cover artwork, it appears nowhere. Oh, and I really love that rose ornament on the first book. Why didn't they carry on with it?
Il dardo e la rosa 2   La prescelta e l'erde 2   La maschera e le tenebre 2
Another version with different font style. I'm not sure which one was first...
Il trono e la stirpe   Il sangue e il traditore   Il principe e il peccator
"The Throne and the Lineage"   "The Blood and the Traitor"   "The Prince and the Sin"
Sadly, they split up Imriel's trilogy in Italy - at least only into two books each. Those are the covers for "Kushiel's Scion" part 1+2 and "Kushiel's Justice" part 1. I think it's a very different and intense artwork. Doesn't look much like a fantasy series... but then, "Kushiel's Legacy" isn't much of a standard fantasy series either! And I really love the third cover - it looks like some old painting, just beautiful.
La sposa e la vendetta   Il bacio e il sortilegio   La spada e la promessa
"The Wife and the Vendetta"   "The Kiss and the Sorcery"   "The Sword and the Promise"
Left picture shows the 2nd half of "Kushiel's Justice", the middle one the 1st half of "Kushiel's Mercy". Now the right one I almost missed, because the italien online bookstore I'm always checking didn't have it yet. Thanks to the Italian fans on Jacquelines Facebook page! I'm not sure whether "spada" is meant to be "rapier" or "sword" in this case, though.
  Il dono e il sacrificio   La fiamma e la guerrira  
  "The Gift and the Sacrifice"   "The Flame and the Warrior"  
Well, I missed a few! Seems the books are rather successful in Italy - here are the first parts of Moirin's adventures. Pretty again. :) Note that the second title isn't translated very well, "fiamma" can also me (female) beloved and "guerrira" always refers to a female warrior. Which makes it clear who is meant, I guess.
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Kushiels pijl   Kushiels keuze   Kushiels werktuig
"Kushiel's Dart"
  "Kushiel's Choice"
  "Kushiel's Tool"
Kushiels pijl back   Kushiels keuze back   Kushiels werktuig back
I think this was one of the very first translations. They didn't change much, apart from the colorful font style. This is the only edition of which I found the back of the books!
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Strzala Kusziela   Wybranka Kusziela   Wcielenie Kusziela
"Kushiel's Dart"   "Kushiel's Chosen"   "Kushiel's Avatar"
Yeah, I like the evil-looking "Kusziel", even scarier because of that Dracula-ish font type...
    Potomek Kusziela    
    "Kushiel's Offspring"    
Today, a lesson in "Never give up hope": 5 (!) years after the release of "Kushiel's Avatar" in Poland, the publisher decided to continue the series! My great thanks go to Olga, who wrote me a lovely email about this one (and my "Kusziel" comment above ^^). She also helped with the translation, which is pretty much a 1:1. :)
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O dardo de Kushiel 1   A marca de Kushiel   A Eleita de Kushiel
"The Dart of Kushiel"   "The Sign of Kushiel"   "The Elect of Kushiel"
I just found out on Facebook (thanks to Jacqueline and Célia) that the Portuguese publisher also split up the books - so this isn't the complete "Kushiel's Legacy", only "Kushiel's Dart" and the first half of "Kushiel's Chosen". Of course, they had to create new covers then. I think it's creepy, but very cool - at least since they got rid of that ugly skull.
  A promessa de Kushiel   Avatar de Kushiel  
  "The Promise of Kushiel"   "Avatar of Kushiel"  
The Left picture shows the translation of "Kushiel's Chosen", part 2. Seems they couldn't decide between rose and skull and continued with both... well. And apparently they haven't quite made up their mind, cause the new cover has a diamond rose... well. Very much like the whole cover, though. Sorry for the bad quality of the large version, I couldn't find any better. Maybe one of you can help?
    O dardo de Kushiel 2    
Here an early version of Portuguese "Kushiel's Dart". I don't know when they decided to use the new artwork, or if it even made its way into print, but I found it on many websites - especially together with the first reviews. Maybe that was before they decided to split the books in two?
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Japan Kushiel 1.1   Japan Kushiel 1.2   Japan Kushiel 1.3
"Kushiel's Dart 1: The Kingdom of Eight Angels"   "Kushiel's Dart 2: The Court of Spiders"   "Kushiel's Dart 3: A Cold Land of Trees and Wolves"
Yes! I finally found all the Japanese books thanks to snarp's blog! Well and so, as you can see, they were again split up in Japan. This is part 1, 2 and 3 of "Kushiel's Dart". And, shocking for those of you who haven't seen any of the Japanese covers before: Phèdre is blonde! (I really wonder if she is depicted as a blonde in the story itself as well? Or how black-haired Melisande is portrayed?) Besides, I found another picture of volume 1 on Yuri's blog. Snarp kindly translated the obi-strip to me:
"Award-Winning - Winner of the Locus Award - Winner of the Romantic Times Award
An excitement-filled historical fantasy series opens!
In the land of an angel brimming with desire, in the Night Court, a young girl's journey begins."
In the corner it says something like "large-format, easy-to-read". Hope that is meant to attract old people rather than youngsters... :)
Japan Kushiel 2.1   Japan Kushiel 2.2   Japan Kushiel 2.3
"Kushiel's Apostle 1: Raiment of Crimson"   "Kushiel's Apostle 2: The Swan Queen"   "Kushiel's Apostle 3: The Labyrinth of Sinners"
Here you can see the three parts of "Kushiel's Chosen". I have to admit that I didn't really like the middle part, so I guess this one would be my least favourite one in Japanese. ;) However, I like its cover pretty much! Apart from that, I agree with snarp's judgement on the subtitles... only I think the last one refers to the thetalos on Kriti rather than Phèdres lifestyle.
Japan Kushiel 3.1   Japan Kushiel 3.2   Japan Kushiel 3.3
"Kushiel's Revelation 1: The Wandering Prince"   "Kushiel's Revelation 2: The Fiery Holy Land"   "Kushiel's Revelation 3: A Faraway Road"
All three parts of "Kushiel's Avatar" are out now! Thanks again to snarp for translating the titles! My first thought on the left cover was "what's Phèdre doing in that Heidi setting??" - but then I remembered the beginning of the book. It really makes sense, in a way. The middle cover seems to be one of the most fitting ones so far to me. Imriel may seem a bit girlish to the western eye, but apart from that I think his look is perfect! Remembering that part of Phèdres story, I guess this it is a very grave and gloomy book. And the last one? Pleasant and hopeful, like the story itself. Hope they go on with Imriel's tale!
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Czech Republic
Kushielova strela   Kushielova vyvolená   Kushielovo vtêlení
"Kushiel's Missile"   "Kushiel's Chosen"   "Kushiel's Incarnation"
Yay, the Czech edition of Phèdres story is complete! Still not much of a change, but I definetively like the font style.
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